Last secure place for over 600 animals and birds rescued from abuse, neglect, slaughter and abandonment. Please donate or sponsor to keep them safe.

We have two full time employees and one part time employee who work with the animals to maintain and safeguard their welfare.  We have a small team of extremely dedicated volunteers.  All administrative work is done by Janet, the Sanctuary’s founder, who also supervises the welfare of the animals and maintains their care at weekends with the volunteers.  There are no administrative wages to pay.  The website is maintained by volunteers.  Every penny donated to the Sanctuary animals is spent directly on their welfare.

Francis the Sheep

Francis the sheep

During the winter months we eat our way through £1550 of hay a week and £1000 of hard coarse mix, corn, barley and horse feed.

The cost of our recovery from ill treatment and neglect can range from £65 to £1,300 pounds for each one of us.

There are over 600 of us here at the Sanctuary.

Please Help Us To Stay.

Every pound raised goes directly towards our care.

£8-50p will buy 1 bag of mixed corn to feed 25 hens for I week.

£16 will buy 2 bags of sow meal to feed 1 pig for 2 weeks.

£28 will buy 4 bags of sheep mix to feed 1 sheep for 3 weeks.

£28 will buy 4 bags of cattle nuts to feed 1 cow for 3 weeks.

£65 will buy 6 bags of horse mix to feed 1 horse for 6 weeks.

£120 will buy enough winter feed blocks to feed 200 sheep and 7 cattle for one month.

Hay has gone up from £18 to £30 for a large bale

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