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BRITAIN’S FIRST FARM ANIMAL SANCTUARY - Compassionate Caring for 25 years

At the Sanctuary Farm Animals Are for Life And Not For Slaughter

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Some of the survivors...

Andrew the duck

Andrew - read my story

Sugar the pig

Sugar - read my story

Mary the horse

Mary - read my story

Carol the sheep

Carol - read my story


Visiting the Sanctuary
Generally we are not open to the public but visits can be arranged by appointment by phoning Jan Taylor on 01386 832640

Save the Sanctuary, Save My Home, Save My Life

Janet and Rambo

Photo by Maria Slough

"Hi, I’m Rambo, I’ve been here ages and am in my teens now. I came from a “petting farm” where I was rather naughty butting everyone. I was going to be sent to slaughter – just for being naughty! I came here instead. Here I am with my favourite person, Jan. I’m still naughty sometimes. Please donate today to save my home and save my life. Thank You.

Save the Sanctuary Update

THE FACTS. Negotiations to buy the farm are still very much ongoing. This situation has arisen for one reason. A reputable Organisation offered us a loan to begin the first stage of the farm purchase, as agreed at a previous Mediation. Subsequently, the funds were not made available to us when required, with no warning or explanation. The owner of the farm then excercised the right to obtain an eviction order through the Court as we had failed to meet the terms of the agreement. An eviction date was granted for 21st July. The Court Order for the eviction has since been delayed so enabling us to continue to raise funds. We have now made an offer to purchase and are awaiting a response. The owner has stated that she does not wish any harm to come to the animals so we are very hopeful of having the opportunity to purchase the farm.

Movement restrictions
We are a Sanctuary, we do not re home. Animals stay with us until the end of their life. The majority of the animals are now entering into the last stages of their life. With old age come conditions that affect all life, human, wild and domestic animals. The most common afflictions are arthritis, diminished heart function, followed by failing sight. DEFRA and EU regulations state that unless an animal is able to weight bear equally on all four feet for the duration of a journey, they can only be transported following veterinary inspection to the nearest point of slaughter or for Veterinary treatment. Under these circumstances, the only other option is to have the animal put down on farm.

We have weekly visits from our Vet to monitor the welfare of all of the animals, particularly the elderly animals. There are several veterinary products on the market which are used for short and long term pain relief, we also use homeopathic remedies. When it’s considered that an animal no longer has an acceptable quality of life they are put down quietly and painlessly in their own surroundings. Many are still chewing their last biscuit or polo mint when their life ends.

The Jacob sheep
We were asked last year if we would be able to take these privately owned sheep if the situation they were in developed into an emergency. Their owner had spent months contacting different sanctuaries throughout the country pleading with them to help. Ourselves and Carol Webb, from Farm Animal Rescue in Warwickshire were the only people to respond. When the situation became desperate Carol had already taken in a large number of animals and had very little space left. We were contacted by Staffordshire Trading Standards Animal Health Officers to ask if we were still in a position to take the Jacobs, even as a temporary measure. The Data Protection Act only allowed the Trading Standards Officers to tell us that the overall situation for the sheep and the owner was very sad. They do not ever divulge further details to a third party. The sheep had been kept as pets and were very friendly. They had to be moved quickly and if we couldn’t take them, the Market or the Slaughterhouse was the only other option. The reason we are here, and the reason we receive public donations is for precisely this sort of situation. We keep our doors open whenever possible, once a life has been taken, you don’t get it back. As with any animals we take in, the Jacobs were quarantined for three weeks, during which relevant tests and treatments were carried out. At no time did they ever come into contact with any other sheep.

Welfare in Transport
We have taken guidance from the Welfare of Animals Act 2006, our Vet, and Trading Standards regarding moving animals from the Sanctuary to be rehoused. As many of the animals at the sanctuary are now quite elderly, some of them have conditions that means transportation would cause them unnecessary stress. Under the Welfare in Transport Regulation, no animal shall be transported unless it is fit for the intended journey, and all animals shall be transported in conditions guaranteed not to cause them injury or unnecessary suffering e.g. stress.

Last summer many of the sheep in our flock were infected with something called Pink Eye. Hundreds of sheep and cattle in several counties were similarly affected at the same time. The infection is transmitted by flies and close contact and is highly contagious. The infection is similar to cold sores in people, so once they have had it, they carry it for life and are able to transmit it to other animals who have no immunity. We have been able to control the situation with the use of a Homeopathic Remedy. The continued use of the Homeopathic remedy has kept the infection at bay. Animals carrying the eye condition may not show symptoms but they are classed as “carrying an infectious disease”, so are not allowed to be transported under the Welfare in Transport Regulations unless to slaughter. This is not the same as saying that the animals are “diseased”.


This year has been and still is a very busy one so sorry no calendars. Instead we have created a Page Of Remembrance on our website. If you would like to remember a much loved one please send a Jpeg image with a short dedication to

For a donation of £5 we will be pleased to add your dedication to this page. Please send your donation either via the Every click facility on our website stating in the box what your donation is for, or by cheque made payable to The Farm Animal Sanctuary and sent to Manor Orchard Farm, School Lane, Middle Littleton, Evesham, Worcestershire. WR11 8LN. Thank you.

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Act now - immediate help required at the farm

Wish list

  • The main yard needs to be concreted and drainage needs to be provided
  • New fencing required - especially with replacing post and rail and cheap netting
  • 4 new chicken houses / shed required
  • New small unit chicken sheds
  • Compact tractor with implements to save money on contractors
  • 2 field shelters for the horses
  • 2 mobile field shelters for horses
  • A new roof for the feed store
  • Electrician for rewiring
  • Contractor required for Window frames
  • Contractor required for servicing a new oil boiler
  • Vet nurses
  • Animal lovers to help clean and muck out

To contribute any of these badly needed items please get in touch with Janet on 01386 832640 or

Cheques made payable to The Farm Animal Sanctuary

Please send to:
The Farm Animal Sanctuary, Manor Orchard Farm, School Lane, Middle Littleton, Evesham, Worcestershire. WR11 8LN

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The PAWTRAITS EXHIBITON ™ book by Maria Slough


SEE PHOTOS from the Farm Animal Sanctuary by MARIA HERE

Would you like to help save the sanctuary AND get hold of a beautiful book of animal portraits by Maria Slough?

View details of Maria’s Pawtraits Exhibition here:

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“Whoever believes that farm animals can be raised and slaughtered humanely should be here to listen to the constant bleating’s of our neighbour’s ewes. Their lambs have just been rounded up and taken to the slaughterhouse. The ewes have been frantically searching the fields looking for them for days. The lambs will bleat for the whole of the journey, their first, and what will be their last. They will get over it one way or the other, they don’t have a choice.” Janet Taylor

Cheques made payable to The Farm Animal Sanctuary

Please send to:
The Farm Animal Sanctuary, Manor Orchard Farm, School Lane, Middle Littleton, Evesham, Worcestershire. WR11 8LN

Download a Standing Order Mandate to send to your bank

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