Last secure place for over 550 animals and birds rescued from abuse, neglect, slaughter and abandonment. 
Please donate or adopt to keep them safe.

Fleeces for sale!- click here to find out more about our fleeces - Our sheep must be sheared and buying their fleeces helps the sanctuary.

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BRITAIN’S FIRST FARM ANIMAL SANCTUARY - Compassionate Caring for 25 years

At the Sanctuary Farm Animals Are for Life And Not For Slaughter

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Some of the survivors...

black and white rabbit

Hazel - read my story

muscovy duck

Melissa - read my story


Hosanna - read my story

lamb with Janet

Spot Loggins - read my story


Visiting the Sanctuary
Generally we are not open to the public but visits can be arranged by appointment by phoning Jan Taylor on 01386 832640

Save the Sanctuary, Save My Home, Save My Life


"Hi, I’m Snowdrop, This is me when I was a few days old with Jan who saved my life. I was born at the Sanctuary but only weighed 4 lbs so my Mum rejected me. That was 5 years ago and me and my Mum are both still here and we both desperately want to stay. Jan saved my life once please will you help to save it again. Please donate today. Thank You.

Act now - immediate help required at the farm

Wish list

  • The main yard needs to be concreted and drainage needs to be provided
  • New fencing required - especially with replacing post and rail and cheap netting
  • 4 new chicken houses / shed required
  • New small unit chicken sheds
  • Compact tractor with implements to save money on contractors
  • 2 field shelters for the horses
  • 2 mobile field shelters for horses
  • A new roof for the feed store
  • Electrician for rewiring
  • Contractor required for Window frames
  • Contractor required for servicing a new oil boiler
  • Vet nurses
  • Animal lovers to help clean and muck out

To contribute any of these badly needed items please get in touch with Janet on 01386 832640 or

Cheques made payable to The Farm Animal Sanctuary

Please send to:
The Farm Animal Sanctuary, Manor Orchard Farm, School Lane, Middle Littleton, Evesham, Worcestershire. WR11 8LN

Download a Standing Order Mandate to send to your bank


Save the Sanctuary Update

Following mediation in March 2012, when it was agreed that the Sanctuary would purchase Manor Orchard Farm, a first payment towards the purchase was due on October 14th 2013. An interest free loan had been promised by a local trust which unfortunately did not become available when it was needed at this time and has not materialised since. Our solicitors had been in touch with the trust on many occasions both before and since this date, but it is still not known to either them or us why this promised loan was not made available. With help from supporters, the Trustees and Joanna Lumley, our patron, we got together the amount of the first payment, albeit a few weeks late and made the offer to the owner of the farm. However, it was refused, the case went back to court and an eviction order was granted. The Sanctuary appealed but our appeal was refused. We have an eviction date for the 21st July. Our vet, who has been caring for our animals and birds for many years has provided us with a three page letter detailing why even attempting to move most of the animals here would not only cause them great stress, which may lead to their death, but in some cases would contravene Welfare and Travel regulations. The owner and her legal team will be made aware of the health status of our animals and birds with a copy of the vet’s letter.

The owner of the farm is a trustee of an animal sanctuary and was recently awarded a prestigious award for services to animal welfare. We hope that compassion will save the day and we will be allowed to buy the farm. We can provide the sum for the initial deposit for the farm and we have offered to pay a commercial rent until the final payment is made. Fundraising to buy the farm is on going.

Even though the eviction date is the 21st July nothing will happen to our animals and birds on that date. We and our legal team shall continue to oppose the eviction and negotiate to purchase the farm so that we can continue to provide the animals and birds here, that we have the privilege to care for, with a safe and secure home. So that the Farm Animal Sanctuary and all it has stood for for 25 years, all it stands for today and all it will stand for in the future will continue.

The PAWTRAITS EXHIBITON ™ book by Maria Slough


Would you like to help save the sanctuary AND get hold of a beautiful book of animal portraits by Maria Slough?

View details of Maria’s Pawtraits Exhibition here:

To order a copy of Maria’s book and help raise funds to Save The Sanctuary please visit (and choose the Farm Animal Sanctuary):


Your Action Is Vital To Save The Lives Of The Animals – Please Help Them Today

Ways in which you can help:

  • Set up a standing order - Download a Standing Order Mandate to send to your bank
  • Adopt an Animal
  • Set up a Direct Debit – please contact us for bank details
  • Remember our animals in your Will.
  • Donate using Just Giving or Every Click on our website or send a cheque made payable to The Farm Animal Sanctuary and post to The Farm Animal Sanctuary, Manor Orchard Farm, School Lane, Middle Littleton, Evesham. Worcestershire. WR11 8LN.
  • Donations can be sent via TEXT to Just Giving using – Text : LAMB21 £5 (or any amount) to 70070
  • Shop on Give As You Live –t his is now a tablet friendly website which you can bookmark on your mobile device
  • Organise Your Own Fundraising Event – you can set up your very own page on Every Click
  • If you pay Income Tax please contact us for a Gift Aid Form if you don’t wish to donate via the internet



“Whoever believes that farm animals can be raised and slaughtered humanely should be here to listen to the constant bleating’s of our neighbour’s ewes. Their lambs have just been rounded up and taken to the slaughterhouse. The ewes have been frantically searching the fields looking for them for days. The lambs will bleat for the whole of the journey, their first, and what will be their last. They will get over it one way or the other, they don’t have a choice.” Janet Taylor

Cheques made payable to The Farm Animal Sanctuary

Please send to:
The Farm Animal Sanctuary, Manor Orchard Farm, School Lane, Middle Littleton, Evesham, Worcestershire. WR11 8LN

Download a Standing Order Mandate to send to your bank

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