Animal Welfare Assistant

Hi, I’m Connah! During the 2020 coronavirus pandemic I found myself furloughed, and having so much time on my hands I began to think about what I really want to do with my career. I was never very good at school, having struggled with dyslexia, I found it much easier to learn hands-on rather than by reading and writing. I have always loved animals, and have a variety of pets at home, so when I heard that the sanctuary had a position available I immediately got in touch. I felt welcome straight away and being surrounded by animals all day every day is like a dream come true.
I have already learnt so much in a short time at the sanctuary, every day is different and there is always something new to learn about. I love that we all work together to change animal’s lives for the better, it is so rewarding to see them thrive when they come from terrible circumstances.
My favourite animal is Joe the sheep because he is very loving, he has beautiful kind eyes and he loves a cuddle and a rich tea biscuit. Closely followed by Cleo the cat who loves nothing more than sitting on anyone’s shoulder having a fuss.