Louise Stuart


I started volunteering at the farm when I was 12, it wasn’t long before it became my second home spending every waking minute helping Jan out and well, I’ve never left. When a job became available it was perfect for me, that was 16 years ago and honestly, I’ve never looked back.

I know all the animals and the animals all know me, I love coming in first thing in the morning and shouting ‘hello kids’ and hearing them all shout back. I work with a great bunch of people, we’re all a little bit crazy but that’s what makes us such a dedicated team!
I’ve seen a lot here at the sanctuary, I’ve said hello to many new faces and I’ve also been faced with many a hard goodbye, which are all as heartbreaking as the next. Seeing cases of cruelty that I will never understand doesn’t just upset me it angers me as to why or how some people think it’s acceptable!
I love that we are given the chance to rescue animals, to give them the life they deserve, watching them get their fight back when they have very nearly lost it. Rescuing animals is what I/we live for, it’s such an amazing feeling when they are back on their feet, living their lives with out a care in the world, knowing they are safe, healthy and have a forever home. You don’t get better job satisfaction than that.
It’s not always easy here at the sanctuary but believe me it is always rewarding, shutting that gate of an evening knowing those 600 animals are warm, safe and have a loving home, knowing we have made a difference to their lives. This is more than a job to me, its part of my life and I love it, I couldn’t imagine being anywhere else.

I love all the animals, there are a few which I have a soft spot for that’s my Larry, I remember him brought in as a teeny little lamb now he’s a big strapping boy who still loves a chest rub and loves human company. Gorgeous George the pig is a real gent, he only has to hear a voice and he’s out to see what goodies you’ve got for him. Fergus was a real sorry state when myself and Jan went to pick him up, a young lamb covered in maggots, sores and very bad feet, we bought him back to full health, so to see him everyday living his best life is the best! My list could go on!