Hi! I’m Meg, I’ve been volunteering at the farm sanctuary for over a year now and I’ve adored every minute of it.
It soon became my dream to work here and I’ve worked hard to prove myself and achieve that goal. I’ve always had a passion for agriculture, particularly livestock and I was originally interested in commercial farming, but with the intention to implement greater animal welfare. Once I started volunteering at the animal sanctuary things soon turned around and now I only view animals as our closest friends. I love spending my time here, every day is different & every task is centered around animal welfare. I am so lucky to work here; both the staff and the animals are special and it’s my happy place. This job can be challenging at times but it’s always rewarding to see animals recover from their ordeals; it is especially gratifying to see them live out their lives in a safe haven.
I can’t possibly choose favourites, but Bobbin, a charming Pygmy goat, really holds a place in my heart. He inspires me to get up in the morning and fight through whatever the day may bring.