Animal Welfare Assistant

My previous experience in animal rescue and rehoming was enjoyable and gratifying but was unrivalled to the more hands on and rewarding work conducted at the Farm Animal Sanctuary. Since being employed at the farm my understanding of animal husbandry and farming practices has developed, as well as my desire to avoid consuming the delightful characters I take care of.
The job is especially enjoyable when we are actively able to make a change in an animal’s life, weather that be in the form of rehabilitation, increasing their comfort or simply keeping it out of the food chain. Additionally, it’s a pleasure to work in the great outdoors with like minded people, doing something positive and worthwhile.
The animals I love the most are those who express anthropomorphic characteristics, like Larry the sheep who is essentially a nosey and grumpy old man, and Freda the pig who just wants to eat and lie the sun all day.
Here’s a picture of myself taken with one of our Alpacas, I was probably facing away as their spit is not something you want to get in your face as it really stinks!