At The Farm Animal Sanctuary, we have been rescuing animals for over 30 years. We have spotted pigs at the side of the roads and taken them in, and we also have people refer their animals to us for a variety of reasons if they can no longer look after them. Each and every case is different.
Any animal that comes to us has a forever home but we need to ensure that we are the best place for it. In order for us to do this, please answer the below questions and we will contact you for more information.
  • Where are you situated/address & postcode?
  • What is the reason why you are re-homing the animal?
  • Is the animal in good health?
  • How old is the animal?
  • Does the animal have a name?
  • Do you have a Holding Number (CPH)? (This would have been obtained when you registered the animal through DEFRA). We will need this for the animal movement. To obtain a Herd Mark please contact 03000 200 301.
  • Is the animal registered with a vet? If so please provide their details.
  • Has the animal been used for breeding?
  • Has the male been castrated? If not, you will have to have them castrated and keep for a further 12 weeks.

Giving an animal a forever home costs time, resources and money. We give each animal a thorough veterinary health check, food, a warm bed and a lot of care in its first month to ensure that it settles in. Donations towards the cost of caring for our animals are always greatly appreciated.