BRITAIN’S FIRST FARM ANIMAL SANCTUARY - Compassionate Caring for 25 years

The last secure place for over 530 animals and birds rescued from abuse, neglect, slaughter and abandonment. Please donate or adopt to keep them safe. Please don’t forget that if you shop online through Give As You Live that helps our funding too!

At the Sanctuary Farm Animals Are for Life And Not For Slaughter

Our new phone number is 01386 834500, and our email address is now

Support the Farm Animal Sanctuary by insuring your pet with Animal Friends Insurance via the link. Please recommend your friends too, for each one who takes out a policy Animal Friends Insurance will donate £5 to the Sanctuary which will help towards the running cost of looking after our animals. Not only do Animal Friends have a competitive range of policies on offer, but they have also donated over £1.7 million to animal welfare charities.

Adopt a survivor...


Colin - read my story


Jaqueline - read my story


Perry - read my story


Gilbert - read my story

Visiting the Sanctuary
Our summer opening has come to an end. Supporters can visit by appointment from April 2019-September 2019.

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More survivors...

shetland pony

Ginger - read my story


Hosanna - read my story


Freedom - read my story


Shoveller - read my story


Freda - read my story


Our 2019 calendars are now available only £7.99 plus £2.90 postage follow donate now button and write calendar in message notes or make cheques payable to fas. The calendar features adoption favourites including Ginger and Shoveller a perfect Christmas gift that helps raise much needed funds. Christmas card packs are available please email for details

Hay Appeal
  • The long, hot dry summer has caused major problems with hay, straw and feed supplies.
  • Crop production was down by at least 30% due to lack of rain in spring.
  • Already our animals have been eating 10 big round bales a week.
  • In a normal year hay wouldn't be fed until the end of November/December.
  • Prices have almost doubled already, big round bales of hay that cost £20 last season are now fetching £40. The price of big round bales of straw has gone from £15 to £30.
  • Last year we spent £8,000 for hay alone during the winter, this year it will be at least £16,000.

We really need help to raise extra vital funds to feed through the winter.

If you can help in any way please let us know. If you are part of a group perhaps you can get together to come up with ideas. 01386 834500

The animals really do need your help at this very difficult time. Thank you, from all of them!


Hay Appeal

Farm Animal Sanctuary Merchandise

We’ve teamed up with Inferno Branding who have designed a whole new range of merchandise for us. Andy and his team have extremely kindly decided to donate all profits to us here at FAS, so every penny will go back into helping our 600 rescue animals.

Have a look at the web store by clicking the link below, and why not grab yourself some stocking fillers, or an FAS Hoodie currently on special offer for Christmas?!


open day

November news

As the long, dry summer drifted into autumn, we were joined by two more turkeys, beautiful bronze ladies bearing the names of Nigella and Delia. These two very lucky girls were rescued five years ago just before they were due to be collected by a butcher. Two more lives bred to die as part of the season known as "Goodwill to all men", but not to turkeys.


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We are now closed to visitors for the winter, and we will be open again in spring, depending on ground conditions, until the end of September.

Thank you


We are very pleased to now be able to accept payments and donations via PayPal, click the button for all the options


Fund Raising

Like every other Charity fundraising is one of the biggest issues and challenges facing everyone. We don't produce anything apart from fleeces once a year. Were it not for neighbour Liz, who sorts our fleeces, sells them online and at a Fibre Festival which takes place once a year, the cost of shearing would outweigh the money we receive from the Wool Marketing Board. We rely totally on donations and legacies, but as I've said so many times farm animals are right at the bottom of the pile when it comes to gaining empathy and support.

We're here not just to give the lucky ones the chance of a life of care and respect but also to support campaigns to greatly improve and implement welfare standards.

We will always be looking for people who will help us in any way to raise much needed funds.

How you can help us to fundraise.

We need to raise at least £2,500 each week, new supporters to help us do this are always very welcome. If you live locally could you do a Car Boot sale for us, we have many saleable items here but not the time. Can you ask friends, family, colleagues etc. if they have any unwanted or broken gold or silver jewellery they could donate? If you have any other ideas please let us know. Is there a local handyman/woman who has a few hours to spare to help with small repairs to field shelters, aviaries etc? All suggestions welcome.

Please get in touch with Janet on 01386 834500 or

Why we are here

“Whoever believes that farm animals can be raised and slaughtered humanely should be here to listen to the constant bleating’s of our neighbour’s ewes. Their lambs have just been rounded up and taken to the slaughterhouse. The ewes have been frantically searching the fields looking for them for days. The lambs will bleat for the whole of the journey, their first, and what will be their last. They will get over it one way or the other, they don’t have a choice.” Janet Taylor

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