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Our Track Record

Not only does the Sanctuary rescue farm animals and birds but also, through our website, aim to highlight the facts involving the suffering of millions of these animal and birds with the aim of adding a voice to the campaigns of other organisations – Compassion In World Farming, Animal Aid, Viva and Hillside Animal Sanctuary.

Bluebell the pig

Janet Taylor, who was a co-founder of the Sanctuary, in her role as an investigative journalist for the People and News of the World publications was involved in the re-homing of beagles who had been used for vivisection in cigarette smoking. She also was instrumental in exposing the abuse of primates in another vivisection laboratory which led to improvements in their care. Always working under-cover Janet exposed the cruel facts of stag hunting, badger baiting and hare coursing. Working for three weeks in a show jumping stables Janet made public the abuses of this establishment where horses were beaten up. She worked to expose puppy farms succeeding in getting one of the worst closed down, to expose Harrods who at the time were selling expensive puppies with false pedigrees from cruel and unscrupulous breeders and was instrumental in the Club Row Campaign which closed down the notoriously cruel out-door market in London selling puppies and kittens. Following live exports of horse and ponies to Europe for slaughter her evidence was instrumental in the creation of freeze branding and passports for these animals. Janet’s investigations in livestock markets exposing the lack of welfare standards for horses, cattle, sheep, goats, pigs and poultry led her , with another journalist, to found the Farm Animal Sanctuary over twenty years ago.

Anya the Horse

However the work to improve conditions for the millions of animals and birds in the farming industry did not stop with the founding of the Sanctuary. Janet has followed live exports to Belgium and, with the help of the Animal Investigation Unit run by Mike Huskisson, live exports of veal calves destined to crates in Holland. A market local to the Sanctuary at Henley-in-Arden had almost non-existent welfare standards until Janet stepped in. Amongst other abuses this market held a pre-Christmas auction where the public could buy turkeys many of whom were then taken out to the car park and killed by having their heads slammed in car doors or be-headed with whatever came to hand. With the help of the late Linda McCartney the Sanctuary rescued Noel and four female birds at one auction going on the following year to buy them all and find homes for over one hundred and fifty birds. Eventually the market was persuaded to bring in the services of the Humane Slaughter Unit so at the very least the birds could have a humane death. Along with Compassion in World Farming the Sanctuary was instrumental in changing the law so stopping the sale of orphan lambs under forty eight hours old at market many of whom were so sick that they died before sympathetic members of the public could buy them for £5 or under.

Briar the lamb

Briar was one of these lambs, rescued from Bridgenorth market by Janet, who recovering from her severe e.coli infection went on to live all fourteen years of her life at the Sanctuary.

Laura was the first resident of the Sanctuary rescued by Janet from Kidderminster market she was a cull ewe about seven to eight years old, an age when most ewes are sold for slaughter because their teeth need veterinary care. Laura was so weak she was leaning against the wall. Bidding started at £1, everyone was laughing and someone shouted out “I’ll give you 50p she’ll make a sandwich.” Janet had to carry Laura out of the pen. Happily Laura recovered and went on to live another seven years in the care of the Sanctuary. Otherwise she would have gone for Halal slaughter. Her photo was taken after she had been with us for some months and she had just been sheared.

Janet has received an award from Animal Aid for her services to animal welfare and the Sanctuary has received an award presented at the House of Commons by Wet Nose Animal Aid as the best Sanctuary of its type in the UK. Wendy Valentine of Hillside Animal Sanctuary has said that Janet was her inspiration to create Hillside.

Today there are over 530 animals and birds living at the Sanctuary please help us to continue – thank you.


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