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Compassionate Caring for 25 Years

Who's who


Jan – Sanctuary Founder and Manager

“Since being very young I’ve loved animals. Learning to ride horses became my favourite. My work as a photo journalist took me into livestock markets where I witnessed first hand the plight of farm animals, in particular sheep there were so many of them very badly abused and neglected, that I decided with a friend to start a Sanctuary where rescued sheep could live out their lives in peace with care and love. That was twenty five years back and we are still here. My favourite animal here is Puppa who is my right- hand dog."

For more detail of Jan’s animal welfare and campaigning work please see our TRACK RECORD page.


Louise – Part Time Employee

“I’ve always liked animals and rode horses from being quite young.  I have a dog at home, Danny; he was a farm dog but came to live with us about six years ago.   I started coming to the Sanctuary to bottle feed lambs when I was ten.  Soon after that I came down to help on a regular basis.  I very much enjoy working with the animals and learning how to care for them all.  I am one of the Sanctuary’s full time paid employees and I work Monday to Friday.  I feed the animals and help Janet do the sheep’s feet, worming and clipping bottoms!  I drive the tractor and I do some mechanical and general repairs.  I administer medications – sometimes that is a two pairs of hands job!  My favourite animals here are Beatrice the dog who is my right hand dog and helps me with everything and Fergus the sheep.  I was here when Janet rescued him and he was terribly ill and unhappy but we got him well and he loves being here with his group of girlfriends.  It was lovely to see him make such a good recovery.” 


Ann - volunteer

“I have been fascinated by animals since I was very young. I heard about the Sanctuary on the radio when they were advertising their Christmas Nativity. I really wanted to be hands on and to learn more as I had never been involved with farm animals. I have been here for seven years now. I help with fundraising events. Sunday is my special day when I clean out the chickens and the other poultry and I help out with whatever else needs doing including walking the other dogs. At home I have six cats, two dogs and a cockerel called Barney. My favourite resident at the Sanctuary is Jean the Turkey.”


Kirsty - volunteer

“I’ve been helping at the Sanctuary for four years now.  I’ve always had ponies and always ridden.  I came to donate some head collars and lead reins for the horses here and decided that I would like to come and help with the animals.  I work as a volunteer most days of the week.  My favourite animal is Hosanna the donkey but I enjoy being with all the animals here.”


Charlotte - part-time employee

"I answered an advert in the local paper asking for staff at the Sanctuary and was lucky enough to get the job. I’ve been around animals all my life and love caring for them and being outdoors so it’s my ideal job. At home I have cats, fish and horses. My favourite animal here is Fred the horse; he is a gentle old boy."


Monk - part-time employee

"I saw an advert in the local paper and initially came as a volunteer but now work part time. I’ve always liked being around animals and I like being outside too even in the mud. Some of the pigs can be a bit of a challenge but I’m enjoying getting to know them all. My favourite animal here is Alice the horse. Once I’ve finished my studies I would like to work full time with animals."


Becky - part-time employee

"I heard about the Sanctuary from their vet, Josie, and initially volunteered but now work at weekends. I’ve always liked animals and after achieving a degree in Zoology have decided to apply for vet school. At home I have a Bearded Dragon, a goldfish and a Leopard Gecko. My favourite animal at the Sanctuary is Colin the pig he is always so sociable and jolly and rushes to meet you for a fuss."


Chloe - part-time employee

"I live in the village where the Sanctuary is located and I heard that they wanted volunteers to help care for the animals so I came along three years ago. I’ve always loved animals and at home have two horses, two cats and a dog. I’m at university now but work at the Sanctuary in the holidays. My favourite animal here is Lilly the sheep who is minus an eye and rather old now. It is a pleasure to care for her and her friends who are all old or disabled in some way."


Jane - volunteer

“I heard the Sanctuary needed help with shearing so I volunteered to help out and I have stayed every since - coming in on Saturdays. At home we have two horses, one of whom was rescued by the Sanctuary with his Mum when he was very young, two cats and a dog. I’ve always loved animals since I was a small child. My favourite animal here is Daisy the sheep who is an old girl and blind, she has been all her life. It is a privilege to help care for her.”


Mason - volunteer

“I came to the Sanctuary on work experience from school and once that finished I liked it so much I decided to stay. I come in on Sundays. When I finish school I would like to go to college to become a veterinary nurse. My favourite animal here is Sherbet the lamb who was rescued last year and arrived when he was only a few weeks old. I like his horns and he is very naughty.”